We are Mönig

At home in the Sauerland – moving worldwide

From freight forwarder in Sauerlandto global logistics specialist

Fulfilment is our business, the entire works. Single source logistics means picking, handling of air freight, ocean freight, import customs, and also web shop logistics, bulk materials storage and transport.

We are Mönig. Your logistics specialist based in the Sauerland.

It all began with the transport of milk and wood scraps. We brought the milk churns to the dairy in the mornings and the wood scraps to the chipboard plant in the afternoons. Those were the first jobs for the Mönig company.

Since then, the logistics firm has continuously expanded its know-how and its services. while always remaining in touch with its customers and their requirements. A strong economy needs a strong logistics partner. A partner who tackle any challenges and provides optimal support for the client’s business.

Making things possible and offering solutions that go beyond the traditional logistics area – this is what drives us every day.

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A sound team – Sound solutions

Mönig offers its customers appropriate solutions for every challenge. The foundation for these solutions consists of optimally working processes, a flexible technical infrastructure, and a motivated and capable team.

Now in the 3rd generation and well positioned for the challenges to come

As a family company, Mönig can look back on a successful tradition. In touch with its customers and their requirements – with a well-functioning team.

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