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Know-how meets know-how

Equipment manufacture overseas, sales in Europe. And connecting the two – logistics. In an ideal scenario, single-source logistics.

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Bought online, delivered promptly

If you are running an online shop, you need to concentrate on your core business: Products that meet the demand, a good selection, reliable manufacturers and customer-friendly sales operations.

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Always at hand in the Sauerland

Regional producers like to have their logistics partner close at hand. And if the partner is active globally, so much the better.

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High volumes

If you have to dispose of production residues consisting of wood or metal, you need a reliable logistics partner. A partner who routinely moves large volumes of bulk materials.

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Long goods – No problem

Five metres long… no problem to us. Regardless of where in the world you’re dealing with long goods, we can load and deliver them.

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German cleanliness

Logistics to the finest detail: Even the smallest metal particles can ruin electronic components during transport. Clean in this context means spotless.

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Tax warehouses

Strong stuff in the high-bay warehouse – The spirits tax warehouse. But not before everything is registered via electronic administrative document.

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