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Best solutions for the smallest parts – High safety levels through technical cleanliness

Tailored logistics solutions are increasingly the way forward. For example, in the case of high-value electronic components. Packing these parts securely is one part of the job. The other: They must be protected against contamination during transport and storage. Infiltration by even the smallest metal particles can lead to malfunction of these components. If safety-relevant components are affected, the consequences can be grave.

A good logistics company keeps in touch with its customers and their requirements

What is needed is an optimal solution for the smallest parts: All measures required to achieve technical cleanliness in compliance with the VDA 19 set of rules are adapted by Mönig to meet the specific requirements of the customer. The load carriers go through a 16-metre washer, which we developed solely for this purpose. They are then well packed and protected against recontamination and ready for reuse by the manufacturer.

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Technical cleanliness

...down to the ultimate micrometre – German cleanliness, the Mönig way.

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