Tax warehouses

Tax warehouse

Strong stuff in the high bay warehouse – the spirits tax warehouse

But not before everything has been delivered via electronic administrative document. Rules are rules and the policy makers insist. The electronic administrative document ensures that nothing is missed … including the tax. For each litre of pure alcohol, the state levies €13.03. Everybody involved in the supply chain – from the manufacturer through the logistics company, right up to the recipient – must be thorough and reliable.

Everything under control

The logistics company operates the tax warehouse. The goods are received there and are registered by the customs software. At this moment, the manufacturer is no longer the “taxable party”. Instead, this is the logistics company and the tax due is debited from his account.

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High levels of transparency

Through shipping orders transmitted by the client, the tax warehouse is informed of the delivery destination for the spirits: to a chain of stores, to Mr. Smith, who ordered in the online shop, or to a recipient overseas. He is, of course, exempt from taxation – which is accounted for with the opening of a new electronic administrative document.

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